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Sockshop Stormbloc Mens Long Socks (Singles)

PRICE: £9.95

* colours:


One SIZE 6-11
A longer leg sock, excellent for wearing with riding boots, our mens' SockShop Storm Bloc with BlueGuard Long Wool Blend Socks are the most wear-resistant knee high socks you'll find. They are scientifically tested to be 30 times more durable than a standard branded walking sock, due to our development of BlueGuard polymer-bound yarn, which when combined with this natural wool, cotton and performance synthetic blend produces a warm, breathable and exceptionally high strength anti-abrasion fabric.

Our mens SockShop Storm Bloc with BlueGuard Long Wool Blend Socks are mixed colour designs that incorporate woven-in arch supports, targeted terry cushioning for shock and fatigue minimisation, an extended heel, durable calf panels and a reinforced toe seam. Each pair carries a lifetime guarantee across the Storm Bloc range, covering you in the unlikely event that a hole is worn in the sock.

36% Polyamide 23% Wool 18% Polyester 9% Polypropylene 8% Cotton 4% Acrylic 1% Viscose 1% Viscose 1% Lycra Elastane

1 Pair Pack
◾ Reinforced toe seam
◾ Standard cuffs
◾ Wool Blend, Arch Supports, Blueguard Engineering, Terry Cushioning, Extended Heel, Durable Calf Panels, Lifetime Guarantee